Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tip Toein' Around

I went to the gym and got my four miles in. Actually I ran about 4.29 miles according to my GPS app. I felt good and kept a good pace too. Of course I took some short walking breaks and had to make a bathroom pit stop but those things happen. The last time I tried to run on the treadmill was last Friday when I had to stop. My legs were so sore and tired that I had to give it up.

I count this as a successful day....for the time being. I feel fine now. I feel like I had a very good run. I got my miles in and I did it on sore legs still barking from the savage downhills of Sundays Grandview run. But it is later when I find out if it was completely successful. I could feel my right shin aching the whole time, just not bad. It will be later this afternoon when I find out if I'm OK. So for now, I am a runner again.

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