Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Valuable Lesson

I learned a valuable lesson today. I ran a good 5 miler instead a of a good 7 miler because of a miscalculation and a learning experience. I ate a Clif bar right before I went out the door for my run in a pouring ran. It was 45* but i figured that 45*, rain and dampness means chilly. Lesson #1: 45* and 100% humidity means watch what you wear. I had on a rain jacket, Under Amour cold gear and a knit cap. I was sweating and overheating in a mile. Lesson #2: A Clif Bar, although tasty, is mostly sugar and I could feel myself bonking after only a mile due to the sugar rush wearing off. I was feeling sick. I fired down a GU, hit the water bottle and started feeling better within minutes. Lesson #3: I wore my 22 oz. water bottle belt was was overkill and the weight of the bottle was too much for a fast five miler. Once I got the water in my stomach as nature intended and got the weight off my back, I started running like Ryan Hall.

I ended up with a great, fun, tear-ass run in the pouring rain. And I learned some good stuff which is the reason for training in the first place. You have to get in shape, no doubt, but you also have to learn what not to do in a race by learning what TO do in training. I ended up with a very good fun run which I cut short because I thought I might feel sicker if I continued. I wish I had gone on because I solved my problems on the run and would have been fine.

Final Lesson: Take what you learn and don't give up. Now that I had such a good time I can't wait to nail my 7 miler tomorrow. Happy trails.

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