Friday, March 4, 2011

Tactical Preventive Measure

Planned but not scheduled RECOVERY DAY. After yesterdays longer run in the cold, I had an idea that my right leg might flare up so I decided to factor in a recovery day based on two logical points. First, Friday has ALWAYS been my scheduled day off but I never took it. I only switched Friday's off day with Saturday because the gym was closed on Saturday morning before work and with the bad weather I couldn't count on a workout outside on ice on Saturdays. I'm able to get outside more now so I can stick with the original schedule.
Second, Brenda sleeps in due to her work schedule today and gets up early for work tomorrow. If we keep the same schedule it is easier to get some rest and not be disturbed by the other person getting out of bed and waking you too.

Actually I took Friday off because I thought I might be crippled from the pounding yesterday in my minimalist Nike Free shoes. (I saw an article in Runner's World showing Matthew McConahay running in Nike Free shoes. Makes me feel like a rock star with Tiger blood.) It didn't happen. Actually I work up early and fresh with no pain. That is a very good sign. This may be my first decent long run of the year followed by a day of no major pain. Tomorrow.....we run.

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