Sunday, March 13, 2011

You Know It's Cold....When Your Water Bottle Freezes

I ran an 8 mile run out 4th street Creek. (Middle Grave Creek.) on what I thought was a 32* day. From my front door to the steel bridge just past the church (Ruby's House) is just a hair over four miles and it makes the perfect turn-around. Beautiful country out that way and the water in the creek is much lower and under control. One strange thing I never had happen before though. My water bottle froze. I hit the bridge, turned around and grabbed my bottle and I couldn't get a drink. It was full of ice. I shook the hell out of it and the ice broke and I could drink OK then. That is a very strange thing to have to put up with. (My energy beans froze too, so chewy they could break teeth but my GU was perfect.)

I'm getting in good shape. I'm starting to cover ground faster on my long runs that I was before on my short ones. Also I've noticed that I feel much better at the 5 mile mark than I do at the 1 mile mark. It is a very good sign for me when it takes me that long to warm up. That means I'm ready to go long. I may not be fast....but I can last a long time. Take that as you may :).

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