Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fork Ridge Trail In The morning

This had to be the most enjoyable 4 mile run I've taken all year. I left my front door in the dark wearing my headlamp. I could already see the sun starting to lighten the sky and I only needed the lamp for about the first mile. What a trip! I didn't so much run as glide around that small, paved path through the park, around the ball fields and soccer pitches. The best was a cool 33*, I was dressed perfectly for the weather and I had the morning to myself. Sure it was 6:00 am but still, people should come out to watch the sunrise sometimes.

I ran the bridges, picked up the pace on the flats and slowed heading north as I watched the sun come over the hill crest. What a way to start a morning. I think the beautiful distractions were so nice that I probably ran my best pace I have run all year. I'll never know though.....I didn't even time it. Some things you don't need to know.

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