Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hamster On A Wheel

Yes I wussed out. I ran my five mile run on the "Hamster Wheel" at the gym. Maybe it was the sleet, the snow, the hail or the howling wind that made take refuge in the sweaty confines of the Woods Fitness Gym. Or just that I wussed out. I'm training for a May half marathon, not the Ididarod Sled Dog race! Did I mention that I feel like I..... no need to say it again.

For some reason it was incredibly boring today. I tried pod casts, audio books and finally switched to classic rock but I still felt like I was on that treadmill all damn morning. I was so bored all I could think of was how tired I was  so I took way too many walking breaks out of sheer boredom. I fiddled with my I-Phone, drank water, toweled off  and then would look at the treadmill computer board and the damn thing STILL didn't seem to register any progress.

My plan was an 8 miler out 4th street creek to the steel bridge and return. I should have braved the blizzard and just gone. I might have had more fun but then maybe they would have just found my frozen body along the road during the spring thaw. Anyway, nothing hurts this week so I guess maybe this was for the best. I was a wuss.

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