Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who Is Montezuma And Why Is He Trying To Kill Me?!

I ran an easy 5k today. I had no choice but to run it easy because if I would have dared to "push" myself, well let's just say this post might venture into the "too much info" category. I need to point out that "The Goddess: decided this weekend was rent movies and eat Mexican weekend. (Unstoppable and 127 Hours are great movies.) I loved the movies, loved the food and I am now frightened to drive to work without the prior knowledge of where every rest stop and porta potty may be located.

Anyway, I ran very well when I was able to run (we took a few breaks don't ya know.) And I broke a good sweat and feel fine. Tomorrow is interval day and this MUST pass before I begin sprints. I'm sure I will be fine. And let's home tonight is cheese night or something.

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