Monday, February 28, 2011

Albert And Me

RECOVERY DAY. I think I did the smart thing yesterday, power hiking and jogging the six mile mountain passes of Grandview. (I like to call them mountain passes. A real mountain man would snicker at this but I have never been worried about being snickered at.) I can feel the effort in my legs from the climbs and I did actually run a good bit in very heavy basketball shoes. It was quite a workout. I keep thinking that if I had just run the 8 miler easy as I was supposed to that it wouldn't have been much different. But I'm only a little sore this morning, I have a day to rest and stay on schedule and tomorrow I will try  my run on the treadmill to test my ankle.

Besides. I was scheduled for a very short, easy week this week and since I kind of (not really) took it easy last week, I intend to make up my long 8 mile run this coming Sunday. Everybody improvises. You have to to remain on schedule. I wish the course hadn't been so dead of the winter ugly but spring is coming. It's 60* this morning. I can't wait for the days of going out the door on a cool morning wearing a T and shorts. Come on SUMMER!

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