Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Terminator - Relentless

I woke up to 23* and 6* wind chill and thought maybe it's time to visit the gym for the first time in a long while. It's not that I was wimping out, hell I run with a headlamp in the dark at 6:00 am lot's of times. But today I just didn't feel like fighting another cold day. I ran 60 minutes on a relentless treadmill and covered 6.5 miles.

Two things I rediscovered at the gym (it's been weeks.)
#1. People want to talk to you at the gym. I'm there to work and people want to talk. I don't mind socializing before or after my workout, I always do, but when I start the belt I don't want bothered. I hope that doesn't sound mean but I'm training for a half marathon in May and I don't want to look like an ass out there. I got work to do. (I do love the old people on the 'mills walking 2 miles an hour. I really honestly do. They could be home soaking their dentures but they are here working out. They are the same older people who refuse to ride the damn scooters at the grocery store while all the fat people fight over them. God bless the ones who at least try.)

#2. A treadmill is the Terminator. If you set it on a 9 minute mile pace, the damn thing goes at 9 minute miles. On the roads I forget that I speed up when I feel good and slow down for a drink of water. The belt doesn't care. It really is great for pace work. It's damn boring! But it will work you with no conscience at all. It will hurt you and not care. I like that about the treadmill.

Ok, I've wasted enough of your time. Corey and crew are actually running races and improving humanity and I am yammering on about dentures and blabbermouths. I enjoyed myself today though. I hope you do too.

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