Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My New Adventure!

My plan was to run an uneventful 3 miler before my long run tomorrow. It wasn't uneventful. I left the house in the dark, it was very warm and I could feel that I was overdressed. Damn Weatherman. I started to jog a little to loosen up. As I turned on my headlamp and before I got 30 steps along the broken sidewalk......down I went. I caught my toe on a big crack and since my concentration was on my lamp, I never saw it coming. I hit the pavement and bounced. You ever hit concrete hard enough to bounce? I scuffed up my right elbow, my right knee and both my palms. OK. I've fallen lots of times over roots, cracks and such so I picked myself up, waved at the lone laughing driver at the light, and continued.

Then it hit me. I had to go to the bathroom.......bad. Not the tinkle behind the tree sort of break. The full Monty. I hoped it would go away and since it was only 3 miles I figured I could just hope for the best. I finished my run...much about 15 mpm pace running like Charlie Chaplain walks. Feet spread way apart and butt cheeks tight as a carpenters vise. I made it home....barely. Sorry if this is too much info (don't tell me you've NEVER been there.) After the attack squad yesterday and the incident today, I may hit the treadmill tomorrow. It's boring but normally uneventful.

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