Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Do I Even Listen?

I didn't run today because I listened to the weatherman yesterday. He claimed everything from Noah type floods to 5" of snow and more to fall and treacherous winds and ice. I, of course like everyone else,  raided the supermarkets, stocked up on goods like I was never going to eat again and battened down the hatches. I went to bed hoping that my old roof would be able to stand the weight of the snow. To even schedule a run was impossible let alone DRIVE to the gym in an Antarctic style whiteout. I woke this morning to find the weather seasonable, dry (except for a little fluff on my car) and the roads completely passable for foot or car traffic.

I wish weathermen would shut up really. I think they are paid off by the grocery stores. Think about it. Commerce stops in the advent of a storm except for the grocery stores that eventually have empty shelves while customers hunker down in the homes, watching reruns of Two And A Half Men hoping to find Charlie's tipping point, and overeating to maintain their bulk in case the storm traps them and they are left living off their own body fat. Blah! A great day to run wasted.

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