Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Body Is Telling Me Something!

My body was telling me something yesterday. I ran my scheduled 7.5 miler today but it was tough sleddin'. I started out wearing a knit cap and a wind jacket. I had to dump the jacket under a tree at around two miles because I was burning up. My water belt felt like it weighed four hundred pounds and my hat was making sweat roll down my face into my eyes. So I took my hat off, tucked it into my belt and then took off. Then I started to freeze so I had to put the hat back on then the cramps in my stomach started. Sound like I got a bug to you? Enough whining for you? I'm done.

Now the good part. It was beautiful out today. The sun was so bright that I had to wear sunglasses. When I could get comfortable, I cruised along a beautiful creek road clipping off the miles over nice, dry roads. The same roads that I was tip toeing over glare ice less than a month ago. I ran past cows, had a few friendly dogs bark at me and smelled the lovely scent of fresh cow manure. I mean that. You have to be from the country to appreciate that but cow manure means spring time here in the hills. It was a beautiful run on a sunny gorgeous morning. There is no place on earth I would rather have been. Now if only my stomach would quit grumbling.

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