Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sensory Overload

I ran my scheduled 3 mile run this morning on the dark Fork Ridge Trail (area 51 with no sightings) in 24:34. I was trying for 8 minute splits but forgot how difficult that can be in the dark. When you can't see any mile markers or landmarks or, actually anything outside the cone of light that comes from your headlamp, your only choice is to run by feel. And I came within 34 seconds of being spot on for my pace.

It surprised me how short the run felt. This 3 miler is scheduled between a 7.5 mile run and my Sunday 10 miler. Today's three seemed like I ran to the store for bread and ran right back. I guess that's why you train so that the miles start to feel easy but it worked. The time felt very short.

Now for my sensory overload. I usually run with headphones. I listen to pod casts or audio books, and when I can smell the barn I switch to classic rock for the boost to get me home. Today, I turned everything off for the return trip. I concentrated on my breathing, my legs and how I felt. Before I was aware of the sky lighting up with the early morning sun,  I was in front of my house fresh and relaxed. That was a bit of an eye opener. Maybe it's time to chill and remember what I'm out there for. Long before I raced..........I just  raaaaaannnnnnnn.

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