Thursday, March 24, 2011

The "Goddess" Earns Her Title

The "Goddess" decided that she wanted to buy me a grill. A monstrous, stainless behemoth that breathes fire and cooks steaks by remote control. I don't know why she decided to do this but I ran a quick 5 miler ( about 42 mins) and went shopping.

I don't cook on the Grill. If I did I would cook a burger and call it a day. The Goddess will have steaks, burgers, zucchini and squash roasting. Maybe add some olive oil covered green onions and fry up some green tomatoes and then toss some veggies on the side burner. I cook hockey pucks.

I love the "Goddess". Wonderful woman. But I'm already wondering (you know what I'm gonna say)... was that grill really for me?

Anyway, I ran a hell of a five miler. Just busted it. What a great day off!

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