Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Special Ops At 6:20 AM!!??

I ran my scheduled 4 miler today and two very strange things happened this morning. One much stranger than the other. I'll start with the semi-strange to normal one. My Weather-bug computer temp gage said it was 35* with no wind when I checked it out this morning. I dressed appropriately for that temperature and started out. It was like I was in Alaska. My breath was great blasts of white clouds as I ran through falling snow. SNOW! On a 35 degree morning. This, if you have been following the weatherman isn't really so strange. They haven't hit a temp right all season so why start now.

Now to the strange part. I reached the trail head to Fork Ridge trail and turned right down the long stretch passed the ballfields toward the main entrance when large trucks started pulling into the park in the early morning pitch dark. There had to be near thirty trucks, large box trucks. I know they saw me because as I ran past, the column stopped to let me pass by between them. I could see very clearly "Special Operations" written on the side of at least one truck. As I rounded the turn past the soccer field, they all lined up and shined their headlights at me! They watched me run by as I disappear into the dark morning and then they turned off their headlights and pulled out of the park and left! What the hell was THAT about!? What had I interrupted and I began to wonder...did maybe even one of them say, "Ah, let's just shoot the idiot and continue on with the exercise." It went through my head I have to admit. I broke the land speed record getting the hell out of there. I'm afraid to call anybody and ask what was going on. I may have to be snuffed.

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