Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Figured The Combination Today

I ran 4 miles around Fork Ridge trail today in a blistering (for me) 33:54. But I figured out the combination. Even on my short runs I had been overdressing, carrying my I-Phone and taking walk breaks as I adjusted my i-pod or took pictures or fiddled with my water bottle. Today I did the "naked run." Before the Goddess reads this and starts gathering bail money I'll explain. I left everything home but my Ironman watch, I under dressed and I decided to run hard. When I got winded I shortened my stride, looked at the deer playing in the creek and and let myself relax for a little. But I kept running.

I found that I could float up hills, cruise down easy descents and, at times hammer the straights. It might have been my best run all year. There is something to be said about distractions on longer runs. I have lots of my friends that run every run with music and I will probably take my gear with me on my long weekend runs. But for now, I've learned a lesson. A run, at least a short one is to run. If I want to hear music, I'll go to a concert.

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