Friday, February 11, 2011

Nice Run and Unexpected

I went to the gym today and ran the fastest 3 miles I have run all week. That wasn't intended but I'll explain in a second how that came about. Needless to say, another freak parked right beside me in a long row of empty 'mills. She was cute and didn't talk so I thought, "OK, maybe this will be enjoyable." Suddenly she produced a small set of dumb bells and started all sorts of gyrations, swinging her arms around and doing side raises all the while walking at a mad mans pace. YOU try to concentrate while, out of the corner of your eye you see iron weights swinging at your face. The sweaty showoff then ran around the gym trying other machines, all the while gyrating more with the weights. Two things were evident. She screamed for attention (her daddy must not have liked her) and she was a pig. I never saw her wipe down one piece of equipment.

I was scheduled to either take a rest day or to run an very easy run. That was the plan. But something about being on the treadmill makes just taking it easy very hard for me. When I run on the roads, my I-phone keeps my time and it is in my pocket. I can't see my pace unless i fish it out from under all my winter clothes and that is a hassle. So I run listening to my pod casts and hear a nice female voice remind me every half mile that I am still alive. But when I run on the treadmill, I have a display in front of me that reminds me of how lame I am and makes me run harder than I had intended. At least it pushed me to a good time. And tomorrow is a day off....yeh.

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