Saturday, February 12, 2011

Punch Drunk Love

RECOVERY DAY. I always feel that if I'm not sore or tore up a little bit I probably don't deserve a recovery day. I'm well aware that the running 7 days a week philosophy has gone the way of the Dodo but I still feel like a recovery day should be earned, not simply taken. On that note however, I'm slightly sore, a good sore, from my ankles to my shoulders and feel a general drain of energy. I therefore feel very good about this recovery.

I read all day at work yesterday. It was dead and I turned to my Ultra websites and blogs for entertainment. One man, I'm sure very informed and successful, said that you only need to run four workouts a week if you do the right ones. They were comprised of intervals, tempo runs, hill workouts and the one weekly long run we are all used to. But the key is to hammer each and every one of these workouts to make it work. No shit! At the age of 59, if I tried to Hammer every workout, my bunghole would eventually fall out. I only wish I had a recovery cycle like that guy. My cycle goes more like.....long tempo run then lay on the couch for awhile trying to feel my legs. Hard hill repeats and then try to climb the stairs to find my work clothes. Run sprints at the track and then spend two days trying to remember where I left my ankles because they sure aren't MY ankles I'm wearing. Things alwasy sound so simple when you are a 20 year old Olympic God giving advice.

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