Sunday, February 6, 2011

For The Honor Of The Steelers

For the honor of the Steelers and their attempt to win their seventh Super Bowl, I ran outside and covered 7 miles out 4th street with a side trip out Toms Run for a way. I was surprised how well I did. I was slow of course, but mostly due to the ice. I underestimated how much ice was still on the roads and at times I had to walk or kind of tip toe over some bad areas. Toms Run was virtually untouched by the cinder and salt efforts and it was a bit dangerous. I once slipped as a car flashed by and I could see my life pass me by for a second. My Under Amour worked perfectly, keeping me warm and dry. I ended up with 20 miles run this week, but they were a very good 20 miles.

I was absolutely amazed by my I-Phone GPS app by Nike+. I had a good idea where my tun around was for the 7 miler but the GPS on my I-phone reminded me of my distance covered every half mile and prompted me to turn around at 3 1/2 miles, the same point exactly that I had measured out previously. This means no more measuring courses! I can set this app for a 10 mile run let's say, and it will tell me the distance I've covered all along the way. What a breakthrough! i used to have to measure all my routes by car ahead of time. I love the technology today.  I can't wait for good weather to come. (Cold today. Below freezing.) Oh, and as a side note: GO STEELERS!

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