Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For The Love Of Christ!

Today wasn't a great day. My schedule called for a 3.5 mile run. That part was fine, but for some reason I could NOT find a pace that fit my breathing. I tried from 4.3 mph to 7 mph and no matter what speed I tried I was breathing with difficulty. It wasn't until about the 2 mile mark that I finally planed out and felt comfortable. Surely it can't take me that long to warm up. It doesn't when I run outside....only on that damn treadmill. (See? Now I'm blaming the treadmill.)

To further add to my discomfort, "The Man Who Loves To Talk" parked next to me on a completely empty line of open treadmills. He brought his coffee and newspaper and covered up his computer board but decided to talk to me anyway. I had my headphones on and every time he said something, I would take one ear piece off and yell "WHAT?" hoping he would get the hint. I hate being a dick. I don't care if he wants to use his treadmill as an easel to hold his newspaper while he drinks coffee, but why then bother me? He continued this for a mile or so, telling me about a new car he just leased...on the treadmill....as I worked out. So, when I finished, I told him that it's a shame he hadn't talked to me before, I had a buddy that could have gotten him the same lease for fifty bucks less a month and then I walked away. I swear, I could see tears running down his face as I went to the locker room. Maybe next time he will stay away from me.

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