Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's That Again?

I lifted weights today. Thursdays are my double workout days. Strength and run. I did Bench Presses, Lat Pulls, Dips and elevated Decline Bench Sit-ups. This took about 30 minutes and then I went to the gym. I ran a nice, easy 3 miler as scheduled and kept a nice pace. I'm getting faster even on my easy days.

I have to mention this. I go to the gym to work. To me it's not a social event. I have to haul my ass over a half marathon course in a couple of months where the steep terrain is legendary. But the people who go just to talk to each other drive me nuts. I began listening to podcasts (which turned out accidentally to be great) only because I couldn't get people to stop asking me questions when I was doing sprints. This amazes me. if I'm going all out on a treadmill at 6 mph at 5* elevation, surely the person next to me SHOULD have the sense to know I can't talk. But talk they do.

Today there was a woman in the gym, I've seen her many times and never with her mouth shut, walking on a treadmill and yelling to another woman the entire time she was walking. She was yelling, I thought, because the other woman was two treadmills away. I felt sorry for the guy in between them. Then when the noisy lady finished her walk, she came over and stood right in front of the woman beside me, and yelled in her face until I gave up and got off my treadmill and walked away. I was going to complain but I didn't. I think I should have. I pay to be there.But I didn't and now I am ranting here. Not quite right is it.

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