Monday, February 14, 2011

Time To Spank The Monkey

Ah....weight and strength day. I am still not convinced that strength training aids my running. I can't see how gaining muscle to carry around the course offsets the strength benefits. They say if you are strong, especially in core strength, that your form doesn't fall apart on long runs. Hell, I've seen people CRAWL across finish lines. What kind of form is that. But smarter people than me have suggested this so here goes.

I did a circuit workout consisting of five rounds of Machine Bench, Lat Pulls, Delt Press, Curls, Dips, Step-ups with weights and Decline Bench Sit-ups. It took me about 36 minutes. I read where the only weight exercise for legs that actually mimics the joy of running is step-ups with weights. I guess that makes sense. You DO climb hills both running and at times walking so that makes a good argument. So Step-ups I did. My butt cheeks are sore already from yesterdays run. I think they will be screaming after today. 100 Step-ups onto a high bench with heavy dumb bells should do it. Or over-do it.

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