Friday, February 25, 2011

My Achy Breaky Shin?

I kinda knew it was coming. I had felt burning pain in my right shin for a week now and did nothing about it. I'm not sure there is anything to do actually. And I ran hard and well yesterday and could feel the effort all day. It was a good "hurt" after a good run......but not in my shin. That was troublesome.

 I wasn't looking forward to today. I woke up at 5:00 am as usual, drug myself out of bed and remembered what I had always heard about bad days. You get up and run for ten minutes and if you still hurt, it's time to call in the dawgs and piss on the fire. I jogged on the treadmill....I power walked and then tried just stretching while I strolled a bit but my shin was barking. So I called it in. I felt like shit. This is the first workout I have missed in my Hal Higdon half marathon training in five weeks. But I don't want to miss more. I'm going to take my scheduled day off tomorrow and then do my 8 miler on Sunday and test it. I think I will be fine.

I've been loving this lately. I go to bed thinking about the trails and the long road runs and I sleep easy. I go over my gear and things I want to buy (Garmin, Flipcam) and am excited to be a runner. And I WILL run the Ogden half marathon in May. And I WILL run the 25k trail run (my first) in Youngstown OH in September. And I GODDAM WILL run the Columbus marathon in October after I have turned sixty. If I am still alive. Time to head for the barn for a day.

***I must now add an addendum. I'm at work and have fallen to pieces. Small pieces but pieces all the same. My right ankle is now swollen, my shins hurt still (of course) and I ate two boiled eggs for breakfast to help my protein intake and I feel like I'm gonna go Linda Blair all over my office. A day off must have been waaaaay overdue.

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