Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long Cold Trek

It was a damn cold 7 mile run today. This was my scheduled long run for Sunday as usual but it was freezing. I haven't had Internet access for a couple of days so I couldn't check the temperature online as I usually do. I just bundled up with my Under Armour and headed out into the calm, cold morning.

The run went very well. My Nike Plus sidekick told me that I had run the fastest 10K along the way and I'm almost sure that this 7 miler was the fastest I've run all year. I felt full of energy but I still fade badly toward the end of my long runs. I wore my newer Acsics shoes today and they seemed a lot cushier than my old ones. As much as I hate to, it may be past the time to retire my old shoes.

I covered about twenty miles again this week. And I weighed in at 172 lbs. I hope to get to 160 for the half marathon but I'm doing all right so far.I'm following the Hal Higdon plan for a half marathon and I'm doing well I think, but I long for warm weather and longer runs. I won't feel right with myself until I'm averaging 30 miles a week at least. In my mind, THAT is when I will be ready for the Half.

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