Sunday, February 27, 2011

Into Thin Air

I wanted to rest my injured leg so I decide to hike a very mountainous loop up 250 hill to the turnoff to Grandview Park and then down the very steep slope to home. It is a treacherous distance of what turned out to be 6 miles of nearly 3000 feet of climbing and decent. It was cold (about 35* and colder on the hill) and very tough. I ran in basketball shoes. Basketball shoes you say? Yes indeed. I thought they would give my sore ankle more support, and maybe more importantly, make me resist the urge to run. Instead, I ended up running about half the course on sore legs and a bad ankle, wearing the basketball shoes (very heavy) and carrying my running belt with the big water bottle. Absolutely no would have been easier to have just run my scheduled 8 miler out the creek. Live and learn.

Two things to mention about this run:
* My running belt is great. I didn't need the GU but the water was great. It was very dry up there.
** There is not really a good picture to take along this route, at least in the winter. The trees are rickety branches  that look like cadaver bones. The sky was a very ugly gray and the scenery was a cinder covered snow pile littered with trash and empty beer cans. Sorry about the visual. Better to hear about it than to have to run past it. I feel great that I went though. My ankle is sore but not terribly and I feel like I accomplished something. A nice start to the day.

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