Sunday, February 13, 2011

Along The Windy Trail

I ran 7 1/2 miles today out 4th street and out to the end of Tom's Run. I was supposed to do a 5k race, according to my schedule, but unless I "time trial" it on a treadmill, there is no way to run an accurate 5k around here this time of year. There are no Snow Trots or Igloo runs or Ice Festivals here. People have enough sense to stay inside when it is damn cold. Except for me. It was sunny and near 40* so I went for a long run out the creek. And I also decided that, considering the gear I had to wear, including Under Armour, and an Under Armour hood, I was not dressed for a 5k time trial.

I covered about 20.5 miles this week and my run today was comfortable for the most part except for a cold, biting wind. It got quite chilly at times. I carried my new hand held water bottle today. That worked very well but I would be nice if it was a little bigger. I finished it with about two miles still left. No real problem but it was very thirsty territory out there today. I also tried a Vanilla Gu. it was pretty good. I didn't feel any great rush of energy or anything but it went down easy and that is nice to know. All in all, a very nice run in the cold sun.

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