Monday, February 7, 2011

Took It Out On The Weights

It was "Sling Iron Day" today. It's sort of a combination rest day from the long runs on Sundays but it's not a rest day when you are pumping iron. I did a short program (33 minutes) of Machine Bench Presses, Incline Presses, Lat Pulls, Bar Rows, Dips & Decline Bench Sit-ups......lots of them. I'm supposed to work on my core but I'd rather just run. Of course, to admit, my legs are drained from yesterdays' long run. The weights aren't as much fun as they used to be. I'd rather be running.

The 7 miler I did yesterday did the Steelers no good. They lost due to a comedy of errors, including fumbles, interceptions, missed catches, etc. Our turnovers gave up 21 points to the Packers and they only won by 6 points. Bummer. So I took it out on the weights....or maybe they took it out on me. Either way I'm beat......and so were the Steelers.

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