Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's About Damn Time

I had to stubbornly drag myself out of bed today. I did everything I could to talk myself into staying in bed. "Listen to your body. You're sore. You're tired. There's always tomorrow." I tried everything and then I got up anyway, went to the gym and ran the best tempo 3 miler that I've run all year. Not only was it the best paced, but I believe it was the fastest 3 miles I've run. OH, I know I have lots of room for improvement but today I was a rock star.

My only criticism of myself, and there are always those, is that I lack guts and confidence at this point. I will be sailing along, the going gets tough, legs ache a little....breathing gets ragged a bit, and I stop and walk. Maybe only for ten seconds....but I walk. Nobody recovers in ten seconds! I could have pushed through that but I lack the confidence to just push. What's the worst that could happen? I finally REALLY have to walk a bit? Bullshit! It's time to run. Tomorrow I get out my new trail shoes and go to Grandview. Tomorrow it's time to run.

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