Saturday, April 9, 2011

You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

I took a recovery day today that I hated to take.  I've had have a rather sore foot since my long run last Sunday. Of course I continued to run on it and it hasn't got better. Last night while carrying out the garbage, I stepped on the edge of a stair tread and twisted the ankle of the sore foot. Beautiful. I have a long run scheduled tomorrow so I cancelled the short 4 I had planned for today.

I am having the Bahama Mama drive me 12.4 miles away from the house and drop me off and go back home. My intention is to run back the 12.4 to get closer to my half marathon distance in a training run. I'm going to wear an empty hydration belt and hide my four small bottles along the way out, then retrieve them as I run home, drink up and load the bottles onto my belt. Hydration and GU is secured. I hope this works well. It's a long run to make on a sore foot without an alternative for getting home. Love to all of you racing this weekend and love to all my DM friends who are just busting ass by yourselves.

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