Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stick With The Schedule & Quit Pissin' Around

I ran my scheduled easy 4 miler today at the gym. It was poring rain and 40* and I didn't want to contend with that. I wore my Nike Free shoes (mistake) and immediately felt just how sore my right foot and ankle have become. Nike Free are NOT the shoes to wear when you already have a problem. There just is no support. I'm starting to wonder about these shoes. I suppose if you ran barefoot from childhood, you might be able to run miles in these shoes. But to just buy a pair and take off in them, I found out that is a mistake. Believe me, it is a very special person who can run all their life, and then go barefoot and pound out the miles. I'm afraid these shoes might cost me a racing season. We will see.

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