Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scene From The Treadmill

I ran a scheduled interval workout today. I like doing them on the treadmill (the only thing) and cranked out 8 quarter miles each in slightly under 2 minutes. I paced myself through the first 200 meters and then would kick it just enough to break two minutes. A couple were around 1:58 or so. The surprising thing to me is that I completed 8 quarters and never once was out of breath or struggling. That was a great workout.

My goal for the Ogden Half is to break two hours but that is a tough goal. This course is notorious. It is basically two mountain passes with large rolling hills in between. I've run this race 11 times when it was a 20k and broke two hours easily but this is an additional .7 of a mile. I need a 9 minute mile pace so I work out at 8 min. mile pace. It's a big race. The Kenyans are favored.

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