Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feels Like San Diego

I ran a 10 miler today out Grave Creek in 1:55.27 on a beautiful sunny day. I sailed along pretty good until the last three miles when my foot began hurting again. I overcompensated for the sore foot which became a sore ankle. I leaned to the left and my left hip and knee began to hurt. So, the last 3 miles were kinda quick but very painful. I still finished it  3 minutes quicker than I have so far this year. I did learn or figure out a few things this run.

#1. The four small bottle hydration belt I wore today is much better than the one 24 oz. bottle belt I have. The even distribution makes it almost unnoticeable when I ran. It's much better for long runs even though I am carrying more weight.
#2. Never sit on a log to take a pebble out of your shoe unless you know what is on the other side. (The sight of a dead rotting dear is normal in WV. They get hit by cars all the time. But the never forget the smell.)
#3. I don't have an ouchey, I have an injury, probably a stress fracture. But I'm not going to the doctor. No fat ass wearing a lab coat is gonna tell me to sit out a few months. Summer is coming. I stop running when my foot snaps in half.

Love to you all in DM land.

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