Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Run You're Always Waiting For

I ran a 7 mile run on my usual course and nailed it finally. I went out the creek and turned up the hill out Tom's Run to the seven mile turn-around and was right on pace to go under 70 minutes for this course. Actually I had never gone under 75 minutes for this course before but my goal today was to dress and travel light (no water bottles) and try to go under 70 minutes. It was beautiful weather, 52* and no wind. I was dressed perfectly and was slightly cool the whole way. Just the way it should be. On the trip back, I recognized every landmark I had passed in forty years of running this road and knew I was going very well. Finally I climbed the last hill that comes about a half mile from my house and put in in cruise control to finish in 1:09.26. I broke my 70 minutes and beat my old best by at least five minutes. (I'll have to look that up.)

You all will probably say "Yuck" to this but I really got dry during the run. Terribly dry and started looking for a water source. I saw a natural stream pouring out of a rock on the side of a cliff. I made note of it. On the way back from the turn-around I spied a tossed empty Avian water bottle and stuffed it in the back of my pants. When I got back to the stream, I rinsed the bottle, filled it up and fired it down. I tossed it into the first trash can I passed. It was beautiful clear amazingly cold water that I hope doesn't give me Mad Cow. Anyway, I'd do it again and I got a great run. I am pumped and full of confidence now.

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