Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intervals Take Your Soul

Monster interval workout at the gym. Intervals are really the only thing I like about a treadmill. They do give you exact pace and measurement. I ran 8 quarters, 2 @ 10 minute mile pace, 2 @ 9, 2 @ 8 and 2 @ 7 minute mile pace. With short walks I only covered about three miles but that was an afterthought. My concern, of course was how well did I run the fast quarters and I have to say I was never out of breath. I hammered it.

I also weighed in at 177 with all my clothes, shoes, sweat etc. and I feel good about that. My ideal long distance weight is about 160 and I have almost 2 months to get there before the Ogden Half Marathon. I feel great. My foot didn't hurt and my nutrition plan is working. Hell......I'm may just chase down a Kenyan in May. (Hah.)

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