Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hiking The Grandview Trail

My foot still hurt but I HAD to get outside so I decided to hike the Grandview trail. It's a 4 mile loop of 12% to 15% inclines for a mile and a half, a little ridge line and then back down off the mountain. I fast hiked it in an hour and studied my Garmin the whole way. My heart rate monitor said I was at 154 bpm. That is amazing considering my max rate at my age is only about 160 and I never really felt out of breath. I panted and worked it but i didn't suffer at all.

My pace was 3.3 mph which isn't bad considering the grade and leaning into a howling wind. The downhill side was a quad buster. Great day! It felt so good to get the heart going somewhere other than on a spin bike.

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