Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh Baby It Felt So Good!

Oh Baby It Felt So Good! I was back in my running shoes today. I ran an easy 3 miles in around 35 mins. trying not to stress my foot, but all went well and I was a happy guy. Strangely I found that when I ran faster, I felt much better. Not twangs of pain or soreness. But if I slowed my gait, I felt the little twing that reminds you that it's still there...but getting better.

I don't want to miff my minimalist friends out there but I think the shoes I bought earlier in the season brought on a lot of problems. I bought a pair of Nike Free shoes and excitedly took off in them. Hard runs in the park, intervals on the treadmill and soon I was hurt. I think it was a case of too much too soon. Today, when I shuffled along staying up on my forefoot, it hurt. When I ran faster and I lengthened my stride, I had more of a heel strike which took the pressure off my forefoot and I felt much better. But today, I am a happy man because....I....am a runner again!

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