Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tin Man From The Wizard of Oz

I ran well this morning at Wood's Fitness I guess. My goal was to cover my 3 miles in under 40 minutes. I managed to cover 3.77 miles in a little over 39 minutes so my run was a great success. But I certainly learned the benefits of a good warm-up. I suppose before a timed run I should jog a little or walk a little and drink some water maybe. Probably do all of those thing and THEN start my timed run but noooooooo. I jumped on the treadmill and took off like a Banshee. My first mile I felt clunky like a rusty old robot. I struggled between running quickly and having to walk just to get my breath. But then, I began to get warm and I felt like a great sailing vessel.

The second half of my run was well paced with bursts of speed that had the numbers on the treadmill computer board rolling around like icons on a gambling machine. Well, not that fast but I was hauling ass. I ended up covering more ground than I thought I would in the time I had allowed even with the struggles at the beginning. I started to feel my muscles warm and work together. I felt my abs control my breathing, my diaphragm pull and push my lungs and help me breath. I could feel my hamstrings push with every step and my quads easily pass the energy of my legs back into my backstroke.

I know this sounds very poetic, but when something goes right...when something comes together and it works and you feel lifted, that carries you along as a runner. I had fun today. And I can't wait to run again tomorrow.

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