Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Could Run For Miles..........

I went to the fitness center and ran my scheduled 5 miler this morning. That gave me 21 miles for the week, about where I wanted to be. I remember the days when I used to hit 50 miles a week, every week. Maybe I'll get back to that but I'm not sure I even need to. The prevailing wisdom of the day is less miles but quality miles. Unless you are planning on trying to win the marathon, less miles with one weekly long run is the norm. I know it will allow me to stay in the game longer. On a side note, the scales at Wood's Fitness say I gained three pounds this week. That is just crazy.

It's a strange thing about running. If you are into it like I am and all the runners I read about, your feeling about the sport is like no other I can think of. The more you run, the more you want to.......well, run. I came home after chopping along on my 5 miler, worked on the house for awhile and then wanted to go back to "the mill" and run some more. I resisted the urge. You can hurt yourself that way. I wanted to run some more and I couldn't figure out exactly why. "Our sport is your sports punishment." I've heard that lately and it hit me how true it is. If you screw up in football, they make you run laps. In any team sport, you mess something up and you take laps as punishment. Runners on the other hand not only run extensive distances, but actually seek out hills, deserts, trails and any other obstacle that will make it more difficult. And enjoy it.

I'm glad I'm a runner. It doesn't cost much, you can do it anytime, you can do it by yourself every time if you want, and to throw it in for good measure, what other sport can you compete in at a high level and listen to music and pod casts at the same time. If you think of one....write me a note,

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