Saturday, January 15, 2011

Recovery Means A Little More Than Rest

Today is the long awaited Recovery day. It's not that I have been humping nonstop for weeks or months though. Every workout I do as a runner has a purpose. When I do intervals, a tempo run and then hill repeats back to back to back...recovery means "get your shit together and give your body a break." Also it is the rest day before my long run which I hope to do outside for the first time in 2011. My roads in the hills of West Virginia have been covered with deep snow for a long time.

Today I got a bit of a shocker. I got out of bed and felt light and fit which is the best time to weigh yourself. I never weigh myself if I'm not mentally prepared which is maybe cowardly on my part but screw it. If I don't anticipate positive results it's never a good weigh in. I went to my gym downstairs, stripped to my birthday suit and jumped on my usually uncooperative scales. The big numbers rolled around and settled on 165 lbs. 165 pounds?? I haven't seen the 160's in a year or so. That was a huge lift for me. I can't wait to tackle the road tomorrow morning, swiftly moving along on my new found thinner legs.

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