Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ain't To Proud To Beg......

Recovery Day! This one wasn't as much planned as simply forced on me. You know how the say, "Listen to your body?" At 5:30 am my body was saying, "Where are you going? You suck. My knees hurt. Today was supposed to be a rest day. What are you trying to pull." My body doesn't talk to me, it shouts at times. So I beg back to it. "You'll be OK. Just get up and get started and you'll be fine. We'll just run easy today." So I got up to take a morning whizz and my knees ached all the way into the bathroom and all the way back to bed where I got back in and cuddled with Chewie. He was body was happy...and no amount of begging convinced my body that today's scheduled rest day was gonna be anything but a rest day.

I don't know if I mentioned my ongoing battle with Nike over my $65 dollar Sport band that I bought. As part of my renewed dedication to running I figured I would collect some decent gizmo's  and use them to keep me motivated. Trinkets to satisfy my Techie soul. So I shelled out the $65 and got the band and it has never worked once. I've had it listing me as running 45 minutes and racking up 0.9 miles total. Once a ran an hour and it recorded me running three separate times that day, all sucking badly. So I wrote Nike to complain.

I got an overly nice e-mail back saying that I was a moron and probably using it wrong. It ask me, "Do you have the right shoes? Are you walking around priming the band before you run? Is it placed correctly in the shoe?" I got alot more questions than I got answers. So I went to the mall, plunked down $85 for the new Nike free shoes which haven't come yet and fooled around with the sports band some more. I wasn't any better at it than before. So I wrote them again.

I told them I have about five pairs of Nike shoes, I have this Nike sports band that won't work with any of them and just spent another $85 on a NEW pair of Nike Free's. They wrote back, " The Nike Free shoe isn't Nike+ ready either and maybe if we send you the download for the sport bands owners manual that might help. NOW I get a manual on how this works AFTER I've spent a fortune and still am not ready to use it. Also, I have five pairs of Nike shoes that are useless now, including my new ones.

I fired off a new e-mail....I must admit I was hostile and profane at this point....and so far I've heard no answer from Nike. The manual is 36 pages, 36 PAGES on how to make this little band work properly. When my new shoes come, and if this band doesn't work after I read the manual, I'm gonna return the band and the shoes and the manual and tell them to stuff them up their asses. Oh, I won't quit running but I've hear Under Armour is making some nice stuff now.

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