Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

I don't think I will ever get used to getting up at 5:30 am, trying to get in my morning poop and still make it to the gym by 6:30 or so, driving over icy roads, to run intervals. Unless under direct threat of danger, nobody gets out of bed and starts sprinting any-damn-where. It is absolutely contrary to nature. I've seen National Geographic. Those lions stretch and yawn and fart around all day before they chase down a cape buffalo or wildebeest. But me, I go to the gym and sprint before my morning pee. Too much about bodily functions? Sorry I'll stop.

Intervals work....that is the only reason I do them. There is no denying that. And even better, they improve your sprinting ability very quickly. I do a harder workout each week on interval day and I'm always surprised that it wasn't quite the agony I expected. Good for me.

Today I did 45 minutes of: 3 x 90 seconds at 6 mph which is a warm-up, then 4 x 60 seconds at 7 mph and then 3 x 45 seconds at 8 mph. They may be pedestrian to most of you but that is the Flash to me. That is just flat out killing it, especially since I didn't croak. Actually, I got better as I moved along. My last sprints were my most comfortable. I wonder if I should do more intervals, increase the actual number or just run the same but faster. I also need to do longer intervals. There are definitely lots of combinations. But you can't go wrong. A good friend and a good racer once told me, "The only way to learn to run faster.....is to run faster."

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