Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chompin' At The Bit But Sittin' In The Barn.

RECOVERY DAY! Actually it's a day later than it was supposed to be but that's alright. I ran yesterday, as I mentioned and I was supposed to rest. I'm still proud of myself for getting up on a cold winter morning and driving to the gym to complete a run so I wouldn't have to miss a workout. Only running makes me feel like that. I think I would feel guilty if I didn't complete my schedule.

I bought something the other day. Maybe I mentioned it yesterday. I ordered an sock pouch for my Nike + sensor. It's actually a little pouch that sits on top of your shoe attacked to your laces by Velcro. It's very sturdy and well made. Now if only it works. It's black so it's almost unnoticeable on my shoes. I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

Sunday is my long day at the gym. I so wish I could run outside. I see all these pictures in magazines of runners romping through snow over mountain trails and long stretches of country roads. There is nothing like that here until the ice melts. It would be a huge risk to run my neighborhood in the dark on ice....a risk I'm not gonna take.

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