Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atlas Carries The World.........

I went to Woods Fitness Center and ran for 45 minutes, mostly at a 5 mph pace. That is outstanding for me. I have been wanting to push myself like that but I hadn't. I knew I would be panting and sweating profusely at times and I didn't really want to do that in front of the early morning crowd. The only thing worse than watching an old man sweat is watching him eat. I excuse myself from that group usually. I don't eat like an old man.

This run was especially tough because our new furniture came for our rec room today....and the rec room is forty feet up a winding staircase on the fourth floor of the house. I'm sure the movers were cursing me but I patted them on the ass, slipped them a fiddy and told them to have a nice day. The tough part was I helped them carry a room full of furniture up those forty feet and THEN had a bunch of miles to run. I was whipped before I ever got to the treadmill.

The snow is supposed to fall hard and deep tonight. Tomorrow the plan is for hill repeats and, as usual, I will be doing them on the treadmill. It's a good thing I'm driving my Subaru. There are days when I've had the gym all to myself because nobody else could get there.

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