Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like A Speeding Bullet...........

I went to the gym today with a little trepidation. My schedule called for five quarter mile intervals to be held for the fastest possible speed. I was planning to hold a pace of ten minute miles and just hoped for the best. I easily breezed through this workout with just a slight hitch. The entire workout was 45 minutes total and I wish I had more time because I was feeling so good and that damn warm up got me again.

I run first thing in the morning because often I don't get home until 8:00 pm or so. By that time I'm hungry, tired and mentally beat up. I also am very much a morning person so it is very much to my advantage to workout in the morning. But that involves the time issue. I only have about and hour to drive to the gym, do my run and drive home until I frantically run around the house getting ready for work. That is the problem. It doesn't leave me with enough time for an adequate warm-up.

I ran for about 15 minutes and then started my first interval. I suffered at a ten minute mile pace, continued my quarter but had to lower the speed to 5 mph. That pissed me off. I thought about this as I walked a quarter for recovery and then took off again. This time I was able to maintain 5.5 mph with just a little struggle. The point is, that the last two interval quarters were both at ten minute pace done fairly comfortably. I should have been struggling with the last two but I felt much better by far than before. That damn warm-up. I'm going to have to remember I'm old now. I need a long warm up period and before it counts, in the race, I'm gonna be hot and sweaty before I toe the line.

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