Monday, January 24, 2011

Time To Muscle Up

     Today I lifted weights for the first time in a long time. I couldn't wait to start my new half marathon program so I started it a week early and the first thing it called for was strength straining and stretches. I've collected weight for years so my basement looks like Gold's Gym. I had plenty or iron to throw around. I did a full body workout consisting of bench presses, incline benches, lat pulls, bar rows, dips, squats and decline bench sit-ups. It took me about 37 minutes and I still feel pumped.

I hope this makes me a better runner. I'm not sure how it could. Most of the runners I know are skinny and not well defined, especially the really good ones. But the training schedule talks about muscle balance and strength in your hips and lots of things I still don't know how they pertain to running but I did the workout and enjoyed it. I must admit though that the best part of working out downstairs was being able to watch Sportscenter on ESPN and watching replays of the Steelers kicking the Jets ASS! to move on to the Super Bowl. That was easily the best part.

I hope I don't swell up and get muscle bound. I stumble along as it is without carrying muscles like Arnold. I'm only kidding about that. I've lifted on and off for most of my life and people can't tell. just sad. I'll get over it. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow morning's run.

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