Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dean Karnazes UltraMarathon Man

I stated out my day with 50 push-ups and 250 bench crunches. My plan called for strength work and that seemed like work to me.  That was followed by a trip to the fitness center where i did a 45 minute run. I actually covered just about 3.5 miles but my Nike app said I had run over four miles. I didn't cover that much ground. I'm going to have to figure out how to calibrate that sucker. I like the Nike Plus app though. I can listen to pod casts while I'm using the app to map my run. That is very cool.

I've gone on a shopping spree on Amazon the last couple of days. I have a book coming by Dean Karnazes (featured above) called Confessions Of A Night Time Runner. I also bought a runners shoe pouch for my Nike Sportsband sensor. I'll be dammed if I give up on getting that working.

I was tired and sore today and I ran slowly. I've pumped up the running alot lately. I should take tomorrow's on my schedule....but the gym opens late on Saturday so I will probably run tomorrow and take the next day off. I also weighed in at WF. I went under 180 lbs on their scale for the first time ever. That, at least, was good news.

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